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My research and seminars in body language and negotiation techniques is highly relevant to those in the legal profession and insurance industries. My clients include:


Alternative Dispute Resolution group is acknowledged nationally and internationally as a leading authority in mediation and other dispute resolution techniques.  ADRg is the only UK provider to be accredited in three key areas of civil family and workplace disputes.  ADRg was celebrating 25 years as the premier dispute resolution training and service provider, and for their annual meeting for their members (most of whom are themselves trainers), they were looking for a training that was different to round out the all-day programme. The morning was specialist workshops, and I was to run one of the final plenary sessions in the afternoon.  I had trained for ADRg before, but this time I was commissioned to make something new for the core members and directors.  I presented a 30-minute lecture/demonstration on the body language of mediation, with a special focus on hand gestures including batoning.  Both serious in content, but light in tone, the presentation was not only ideal as a training, but it fit the late afternoon time slot perfectly, betokening a cheerful mood as the day moved inevitably towards the drinks reception followed by dinner.

“We have received lots of positive feedback from attendees who found your session, enjoyable and stimulating. In fact, several people have already asked that you return next year”

Richard Schiffer, Chairman and Co-Founder, ADR group



PartnerRe are reinsurers who provide insurance companies around the globe with multiple lines of re/insurance — property casualty, specialty lines, life, health, risk transfer — as well as wholesale insurance solutions.  Each year they have an extensive meeting where they renegotiate contracts with their many corporate clients, as well as providing training, news, and networking activities.  I was commissioned to provide a two-hour training on how to read emotions during complex negotiations; the time slot was on the afternoon of their first full day at Baden Baden’s spa.  The criteria were: informational, enjoyable, and to provide clarity to their clients on how to recognise pressure and tricks in negotiation, just before they entered into negotiations with their host.  The talk was successful, ending with the audience literally jumping to their feet with applause.  Although I received no written feedback, the CEO of PartnerRe personally flew me back to England.