“I have already sung your praises to my team” Aim Higher

“Excellent lecture – already unanimous” Cranleigh School

“A fascinating talk” Prior Park College

“Another splendid event” London Science Museum

“We have had great feedback from everyone” St. Louis Science Museum

“I thought you did an excellent job of chairing the discussion and bringing together the various strands of thought so skilfully” Thomas Heldgaard, Managing Director of Rockwool Limited

p class=”style6″>’The workshop was very well received and participants felt that they had learnt a number of issues regarding body language… The information contained in the workshop would have a number of practical uses in a business context.’ </p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Amardeep Gill</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style8″>Chair of Birmingham Future’s Successful Development Team &amp; Pinsents law firm</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’you were a fantastic spokesperson'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Antonia Scherer</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>Lexis PR</span> </p>


<p class=”style6″>’I wish everyone was so efficient in organising an interview.'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Sue James</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>BBC</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’what a pro you are!  a pleasure working with you'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Jessica Livingstone</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>Radio Publicity</span> </p>


<p class=”style6″>’suitably scientific! hilarious.  a joy as ever.  Let’s do another one soon.'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong> Chris Cook</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>Lexis PR</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’What can I say? Absolute pleasure to meet you & thank you so much for such a terrific performance last Wednesday evening. Had so many enthusiastic and lovely emails from members who loved the event – we’ll certainly keep a firm hold of your info and hope we can orchestrate another event for you to do in the not too distant future!’ </p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Emma Heathcote-James </strong></span><br />

<span class=”style5″>Gloucestershire Media Group </span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’The audience loved it and (hopefully) learnt a lot.  People had loads of positive comments afterwards, they found it enjoyable and thought provoking, and were extremely keen to come to another Dana event.'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Richard Fenning</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>  Dana Centre, London Science Museum</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’Thanks for adding that special lustre to the festival&hellip; The talks were masterful, as ever.’ </p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Richard Robinson</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″> Director of Brighton Science Festival</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’We thoroughly enjoyed having you on the programme, and your contribution was well received&hellip; Thank you again for being such a wonderful guest. ‘</p>

<p> <span class=”style6″><strong>Jacqui Dales</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>CBBC Television</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’We all enjoyed the talk very much, and we kept talking about it for several days after. Every now and then I check your web site (which is really excellent) and whenever I see a talk that is close by I won’t miss it.'</p>

<p> <span class=”style6″><strong>Costanza Preti</strong></span> <span class=”style1 style5″>Institute of Education, London</span></p>


‘Well, once again, a terrific performance!  You were a great host at yesterday’s event.  It really was all great fun and people learned new things too…  You managed this well, and everyone got their say.  You are so very good at this kind of thing and make it look so easy.’

Elaine Snell

Dana Centre for the Brain, London Science Museum

<p class=”style2″>’Plaudits must go to you (and Karl and Dom) for coming over and delivering a truly excellent talk – people are still mentioning it to me.'</p>

<p><span class=”style2″><strong>Declan McKenna</strong></span> <span class=”style1″>University of Ulster</span> </p>



<p class=”style6″>’It was a truly absorbing hour and I afterwards received any number of appreciative comments from your audience.'</p>

<p> <span class=”style6″><strong>David Wade</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>President of The Institute For Cultural Research</span></p>


<p class=”style6″>’Thank you so much for that lively and brilliant lecture/presentation for the ICR Seminar.  You certainly stimulated the audience, and people are still talking about it.’ </p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Patti Schneider</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>The Institute For Cultural Research</span></p>


Your presentations were extremely well attended and well received by all the visitors to the Exhibition, the school groups and general public alike, and added greatly to the overall enjoyment of the three days.’

Stephen Cox CVO

Executive Secretary of the Royal Society


<p class=”style6″>The feedback has been very good with almost everyone rating you as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Many audience members added comments about your talk on the forms. I’ve picked out a few for you to read.<br />


<i>’Hilarious!'<br />

‘Great. I loved the interactive bits'<br />

‘Very interesting to hear contrasting theories – and funny! <br />

Good audience participation'</i></p>

<p><strong>Jonathan Black</strong><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>The Royal Institution, London</span> </p>


‘your slot always goes down well’

Andrew Newbury

Pannone and Partners


<p class=”style6″>’Harry, you are a leading light of the Festival.  We couldn&rsquo;t do any of it without your brainpower, imagination and sense of fun.  Thank you for your support.'</p>

<p><span class=”style6″><strong>Donna Renney</strong></span><br />

<span class=”style1 style5″>Cheltenham Festivals</span></p>


‘Many pupils have come up to me to say that yours was the best talk of this academic year’

Russell Dudley-Smith

Head of Sixth Form

Westminster School, London