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I have appeared on many different television and radio programmes for various companies including:

endemol_logoEndemol UK (makers of Big Brother for Channel 4)
BBC1 TV breakfast news
BBC Radio 4
BBC World Service
BBC Radio 2
BBC 4 Television
BBC Radio Scotland
BBC Radio Wales
BBC Radio London
BBC Radio Bristol
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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Vue Cinemas

Harry Witchel Vue CinemaCustom research comparing films, music and smells to determine what most strongly elicits the Christmas spirit – i.e. happiness, generosity and associations with Christmas memories.

Blink Films Production

blinkBody language interpretation during constructed situations for the television show “Ape Man” (National Geographic, USA).

Channel 4 Television

Channel_4_New_Logo.svgCustom research measuring the psychophysiological response to artworks in the Tate Gallery for TV programme into the emotional effets of art on live audiences. The objective was to find out if particular kinds of art (figurative, abstract etc.) had the strongest emotional and physiological responses.

BBC 1 Television

downloadCustom research measuring the physical arousal in response to food and aphrodisiacs for a TV programme with Vic Reeves. The TV programme showed volunteers sampling ‘aphrodisiac’ foods while in the company of attractive strangers.

NTL Telewest (now Virgin Media)

225px-NTL_Logo_Vector.svgCustom research into the peripheral physiological effects of missing a favourite television show.

Music Choice

Musical elements that lead to unconscious indicators of preference: Eurovision