YAWYH_front_cover_23Nov2010_prawnMy books, research publications and national press writings have covered a wide range.

I have been an author on over 50 peer-reviewed academic publications, on topics as diverse as drug safety, the heart, motion capture, and non-verbal behaviour.  These are driven by my scientific interests at the time.

I have written one book for the trade press, and I am busy writing another one on body language now.  My style is to present a single overarching idea – a thesis – and use it as a springboard into synoptic view of a fascinating topic.  The texts I write mix historical narratives, scientific experiments and everyday common sense to illustrate the rich themes that my topics encompass.


My short writings and journalism have ranged from a column on body language for Total Politics magazine, scientific commentary on recent news stories, such as the scientists who announced they had discovered the ten most annoying noises in the UK, and study guides for students on the body and physiology.  For information about the confidential scientific reports I write for clients, see my consulting page.

Total Politics June 2010 Death by Powerpoint