What I Do

Broadly speaking, I:

Do Workshops and Seminars
Appear on Radio and Television
Give Lectures
Do Research

My clients include solicitors, businesspeople, the national media, science festivals and universities. Although I would call what I do "Biomedical Science" or "Psychophysiology", most people would say that I straddle medicine and psychology. In 2004 I received the National Honour of being awarded "The Charles Darwin Award Lecture" by the British Association for the Advancement of Science. I make science relevant. I also make it fun and intense in the process.

My methodology for training people in non-verbal communication

I teach the elements of non-verbal communication that are of practical importance, using neuroscience (particularly physiology and anatomy) to illustrate how things work. In addition to making the learning thorough and structured, I find that the science creates very visible mnemonics that help people to remember the material. With everything I teach, I apply the "Monday morning test": what do people remember the next Monday, and how easily are they able to apply the material in their own careers.

I also do not oversimplify non-verbal communication. A lot of books (and nowadays newspapers, TV shows, etc.) take a comic book approach to non-verbal communication: for example, a photo is shown of a man with folded arms, and then the caption reads "this means he is defensive" or if the man is last through the door while guiding the other man's back forward through the door first, "this means he is the dominant one". I think differently about the subject - rather than hiding from the obvious ambiguity implicit in body language, I show you its advantages. My approach to non-verbal communication is that it is dynamic and occurs over time - so I use films to unequivocally show that. I also take the point of view that all communication is interactive, even when it is unconscious and deliberately disguised. To take non-verbal communication to the next level, you have to do something, not simply sit back, watch, and take notes. It is tautological that we are always influencing others with our body language; my material gives you resources to make some of this influence deliberate.

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