Body Language

Training people in non-verbal communication.

I teach the elements of non-verbal communication that are of practical importance, using neuroscience to illustrate how things work. If you want to take non-verbal communication to the next level, you have to do something, not simply sit back and take notes. With everything I teach, it must be immediately relevant to you. What can you start applying in your own life right away?

My approach to non-verbal communication is that it is dynamic - so I use films to make the gestures stick in your mind. I also believe that all communication is interactive, even when it is subconscious. We are always influencing others with our body language; my workshops give you the resources to influence people positively and with integrity.

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How to be Interviewed - Do's and Dont's.
A helpful outline of how to thrive during these dreaded but necessary events
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Evening Advertiser - 'What is your body saying?'.
4 March 2004.
This was a full page of coverage (with 8 photographs) of my Swindon Café Scientifique lecture on Body Language (2 Mar 04).
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on UK radio - November 24

BBC Radio London - "The Vanessa Feltz shown"

On November 24 I appeared on BBC Radio London in an interview with Vanessa Feltz concerning a breaking news story about body language . The news story concerned a study by scientists in California showing that people in the lower class are better at recognising nonverbal communication than upper class people. It was an amausing interview because, as always, Vanessa Feltz had strong opinions on the topic, which she voiced with her inimitable colourful style.
Listen... 3.2 MB mp3 File (9 minutes 26 seconds).

in India (Chennai)

Debating Matters India - The National Championship

I was a judge on November 19-20 at the National Finals for the "Debating Matters India" in Chennai. Debating Matters is a debating competition for students aged 16-18 at schools throughout the UK run by the Institute of Ideas; Debating Matters India is its cognate event in India. The Indian students were excellent and the standards of debate were high, as they debated the motions: "Scepticism is critical in debates about climate change" and "Financial incentives provide the best solution to the crisis of organ donation". The champions were Model School, Sector 15, Chandigarh, but many excellent points were raised by students from all the schools. Many thanks go to Tony Gilland, Director of Debating Matters, Helen Birtwistle, Resources and Communications Manager, and the four enthusiastic and intelligent debating matters alumni, who made the event a great success.

BBC Radio 4 - "Word of Mouth"

On August 17 I appeared on BBC Radio 4 in "Word of Mouth" concerning body language . It was a funny interview because the interviewer, Chris Ledgard, plainly did not believe in body language or what I was saying (although the producer did). In the course of the interview I was asked to critique his body language (on the radio), which led to some amusing moments.
Listen... 1.6 MB mp3 File (4 minutes 26 seconds).

Election Coverage: the Prime Ministerial Debates

I made comments on radio (see below), on the leading story on the BBC web site, and on my own body language blog on the first ever Prime Minister's Debate series, which includes short articles entitled:

David Cameron Wins by a Smile - 30 April
Has Body Language Changed the Election? - 23 April
Cameron's Body Language Needed to Improve, and It Did - 22 April
Based on Body Language, Nick Clegg Won First Debate - 16 April

This is an historic election for Britain. For the first time ever, the potential Prime Ministers are debating on television. I am covering the body language for the BBC. The precise dates and times include regular election analysis on the BBC web site, including the first debate here, the second debate here, and the third debate right here. I have appeared on the following:

BBC Radio Bristol - Steve LeFevre's Election Coverage. 8:35 AM Friday 23 April
Listen... 1.7 MB mp3 File (3 minutes 35 seconds).

Talk Radio Europe (800,000 listeners) - Covering both the second debate and body language generally, this is a longer, wide ranging interview with Maurice Boland, who says some outrageous and funny lines. 11:40 AM EST Friday 23 April
Listen... 7 MB mp3 File (14 minutes 30 seconds).

LBC Radio - Nick Ferrari's Election Coverage. 8:10 AM Friday 16 April
Listen... 1 MB mpg File (2 minutes 25 seconds).

BBC Radio Sussex & BBC Radio Surrey 10:10 AM Friday 16 April. I spoke just before Gordon Brown came into the BBC Brighton studio.
Listen... 1.3 MB mpg File (2 minutes 50 seconds - a selection from a much longer interview with 3 guests).

BBC Radio Somerset - Emma Britton. 9:20 AM Friday 16 April
Listen... 2 MB mpg File (4 minutes 30 seconds).

More Body Language

Gordon Brown vs. David Cameron: Prime Minister's Questions

BBC Radio 4 - PM with Eddie Mair. 6 July 2007

David Cameron's first appearance on Prime Minister's Questions

BBC Radio 4 - "PM with Eddie Mair" 7th December 2005.
3 minute interview, commenting on how nervous David Cameron was when he first faced Tony Blair on their first meeting during Prime Minister's Questions.
Listen... 2.94MB mp3 File (3 minutes 12 seconds).

"Total Politics" Magazine Column

In June 2009 my column was about determining who is the boss?

In July 2009 my column was about avoiding death by powerpoint.

BBC World Service - "Communications Revolution".

September 2006.
Interviewed by Mike Williams on how the communications revolution will cope with body language.
Contact: Dave Edmonds, Producer.
Listen... 1.01MB mp3 File (2 minutes 13 seconds).

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