Body Language

In addition to my research on non-verbal behaviour, I train, teach, and do experimental demonstrations on body language.  I also comment for the media on it.  It works surprisingly well on the radio, as viewers have to stretch their imagination to visualise it.  The BBC interview above gives a flavour of how I see body language’s role in our complex communication system.

I teach the elements of non-verbal communication that are of practical importance, things that you can start applying in your own life right away.

“The workshop was very well received and participants felt that they had learnt a number of issues regarding body language… The information contained in the workshop would have a number of practical uses in a business context.”
Amardeep Gill, Birmingham Future, Birmingham’s Young Professional Network

My Workshop and Talk titles:

Body Language: The Truth

Professional Body Language

The Body Language of Engagement

Implicit Communication: Advanced Body Language in Negotiation and Mediation

Sex, Crimes and Video Tape: Filmed Evidence Using Microgestures


My approach to non-verbal communication is that it is dynamic – so I use films to make the gestures stick in your mind. I also believe that all communication is interactive, even when it is subconscious. We are always influencing others with our body language; my workshops give you the resources to influence people positively and with integrity.  So, here are some body language comments on the two main politicians during the most recent UK election:

Here is an example of my recent work, interpreting Jeremy Corbyn’s body language for the BBC (click on image to read PDF of full article):